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Modern Buildings


Our passion ensures our partners find maximum value.


Research, execute, transform - our innovative methods maximize opportunities.

We serve our partners and communities by maximizing the unique value of properties we manage and transform. H&A focuses on research and execution, and our team brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge to every opportunity.

"At H&A we keep our eye on the skyline, and our feet on the ground. This has proven to be a winning combination for our investors."

Avromi Klor


Research is our foundation.

We know the people, the businesses, and the pulse of the cities and neighborhoods where we operate. We make a study of both visible and hidden value, and our data comes from multiple perspectives. Our discipline is thorough and supports both our decisions and the work we do together with our partners to make a shared vision come true.

Focus enables us to execute with optimal efficiency.

It also steadily grows our knowledge and resource base. We plan, measure, forecast, adjust, train, tweak… and keep measuring. 

Communication is essential in our dynamic business.

This is why we put a premium on communications that are timely, clear, complete, and consistent. Setting expectations, and exceeding them, requires clarity at every step along the journey.

People provide our primary source of value-generation.

That’s why we’re so mindful of the people we serve, partner-with, and employ. Year by year, project by project, and story by story, we’re growing. Great people are the reason why.

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Transformative opportunities for our investors.

Property investment services coupled with property management.

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